Our product range includes several kinds of plant nursery trolleys.

They are extremely durable, made of hot-dip galvanised steel, have a replaceable grip with a 20 mm pin or different (to be arranged) and pneumatic driving wheels 16 x 6, 50 – 8.

The platform surface can hold 12 typical plant nursery boxes measuring 400 x 600 mm.

The trolleys do not have brakes and can be pulled behind a vehicle with brakes (recommended number of vehicles to be pulled behind a vehicle – up to 5), assuming that the maximum total weight of the system does not exceed the pull capacity of the pulling vehicle – to ensure safe braking of the system.

Both steering axis allow for the trolleys to follow the exact trace of the trolley in front of them (when combined into a system), which facilitates moving around the plant nursery.

The dimensions of the trolleys are suited to the usable area of plant nurseries. Low boards – barriers protect the transported load against falling out and ensure easy loading.

The boards can be dismantled on one’s own to facilitate loading and unloading, whenever necessary.